Brand Stories

Mercedes, Apple, Levis, Dove, Nike…all great brands tell a story about themselves and a story about the people who chose to buy them.

Is your brand story clear? Is it memorable? Is it motivating? Is it effectively expressed?

We help you to answer those questions and by quantitatively profiling brands and brand communication (advertising, packaging, logo, website, etc.) in terms of archetypal characters and stories.

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Apple swaggers in as the Outlaw, rejecting the status quo and making radical new ideas possible. It reinforces this message by positioning PC as the negative side of the Everyman - the follower.


Pepsi plays the role of the Jester, inviting us to see the pleasure of everyday life. As the Jester, Pepsi stands in sharp contrast to the more serious, Innocent Coke archetype.


Haagen Dazs tempts us to play the part of the Lover, expressing sensuality and connection with others.


Pillsbury invites us to embody the Caregiver, demonstrating our love for others.


Levis is the Everyman, inviting us to accept ourselves and others for who we are.


Coke embraces the Innocent, inviting us to experience an idealized vision of life.


Mercedes commands with the status and mastery of the Ruler and inspires us to believe we too can wear the crown.


Dove is the Sage, teaching us to see through beauty myths and embrace our uniqueness.


Absolut appears as the Magician, transforming the world and creating a sense of limitless possibilties.


Nike invites us to stand tall as the classical Hero, challenging each of us to set out on our unique quest.

In Contrast, Under Armour invites us to go to battle as the Warrior, the darker side of same archetype. In this way, Under Armour effectively challenges the meaning of Nike.


Along with Lego, we become the Creator, able to transform reality with our imagination.


With Dos Equis we become the Explorer, boldly embracing adventure and self-discovery