Our People

Joel Anderson

Joel began his career with Environics Research Group’s Advanced Analytics division, taking advantage of his background in research methods and statistics.  A leadership opportunity in online operations at Research House further rounded out his experience in market research.  At this position, Joel was able to work closely with clients to consistently meet their objectives.

Joel has had foundational market research training from a variety of sources, including Georgian College’s Research Analyst Program and Sawtooth Software’s Choice Modelling Workshop.  Most recently, Joel has achieved the MRIA’s Certified Market Research Professional (CMRP) designation.

With an analytical mind at heart, Joel specializes in trade-off analytics, including choice-based conjoint, MaxDiff, and discrete choice techniques.


Ian Ash

Ian has a varied background, having started in strategic brand management at Cara Operations before moving into financial services at CIBC, where he performed brand valuations. On the consulting side, Ian has worked in both strategic consulting and as a research supplier.

Ian brings a high degree of mathematical sophistication to all of his studies. However, he recognizes that data supports the business decision and is not an end to itself; Ian believes that the best research studies deliver actionable recommendations, not just broad observations or endless pages of numbers.

Ian counts among his areas of expertise: brand valuation; communications testing; concept testing; and usage & attitude studies.


Dominic Atkinson

Since beginning his career in 1994, Dominic has been fortunate to sit at all sides of the market research table: supplier-side (ABM, Maritz and now DIG Insights), end-user (marketing at Ford of Canada), and research buyer (Canadian Tire). This multi-faceted background enables Dominic to see research from the perspective of all stakeholders, ensuring that results always address the objectives and recommendations never fail to be actionable.

Dominic has completed several MRIA and Burke Institute courses (a winner of the PMRS Doyle Award), is a Riva-trained moderator, and holds an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business.

Dominic’s areas of expertise include: retail/shopper insight, assortment optimization and brand innovation assessment.


Josh Climans

Josh’s career started at a real estate marketing agency. His focus there included search engine optimization, online advertising and web analytics.

Upon completing his degree in marketing and statistics, he worked for Wrigley Canada in Sales Finance and Consumer and Market Insights.

His research background prior to working at DIG Insights includes social media strategy and the financial impacts of corporate social responsibility.


Joe Colaiacovo

Joe found his passion for research and statistics while completing his undergrad at the University of Ottawa. This passion led to positions at the Government of Canada and at Ekos Research where he saw the power of research in the world of public opinion and program evaluation.

Since 2007, Joe has honed his research skills while conducting ad hoc custom research for clients across a number of different industries, including CPG, telecommunications, retail, financial and food services. This experience has enabled Joe to turn business problems into research objectives that yield actionable results.

Joe is a specialist in using TURF analysis and his areas of interest include assortment optimization, concept innovation testing and product attribute optimization.

Joe has a B.A. in Communications and has completed coursework towards a Master’s degree in Sociology with a Specialization in Survey Methodology from the University of Waterloo.


Marcie Connan

Marcie is fueled by an insatiable curiosity and a desire to make market research more accessible and actionable. More than a decade of experience on both the supplier and client sides of the industry has honed her practical ambition: to tell compelling consumer stories, irresistible to all project stakeholders.

Before joining DIG Insights, Marcie led Canadian Tire’s Consumer Research team to break through the data clutter and drive customer-centric business strategies. Her areas of expertise include segmentation, customer experience & loyalty, shopper insights and consumer-driven product design.

Marcie is the recipient of industry awards for innovation, academic and project excellence. She applies her academic background in human psychology and behaviour to uncover deep insights into the consumer mindset as a springboard to growth opportunities.


Dave Cosgrave

Dave’s career has spanned many roles and multiple industries, including telecom, technology and financial services. Most recently he held leadership roles in marketing and market research with Vonage.

As a consultant Dave has helped numerous organizations – big and small – drive better business outcomes through research and analysis. In particular, he has extensive experience related to pricing and product optimization, segment marketing, brand equity measurement, and marketing effectiveness to name but a few.

Dave has also written extensively on the impacts of technological change on industry, business and people.


Michael Edwards

Michael has worked on both the client (Kraft foods) and supplier (Environics, ACNielsen and Maritz) sides of the research industry for over 16 years. This gives him perspective into how research can effectively support smart, effective decisions.

Michael recognizes that the fundamental questions facing marketers don’t change. However, as the world around us continues to evolve, we need to answer these questions in new ways. Michael is continually exploring new ways to understand consumers.

Michael’s greatest areas of focus are portfolio management, product attribute optimization and understanding the effect of design on brand/product performance.


Paul Gaudette

Paul is a strategic thinker with an analytical background. This combination allows him to understand business issues and address them creatively.

A passion for strategy and innovation led Paul into market research after finishing his MSc. in Strategic Management at EDHEC Business School in Nice, France.

Paul’s first role in market research was assisting in the development of new methodologies. This gave him a solid understanding of methodology and a desire to drive innovation in the market research industry.

Paul’s belief is that context is everything; he takes particular interest in using choice models and market simulations to help clients understand consumer choice in a competitive context.


David Mah

David began his career in market research working in call centres before moving into coding, data entry and tabulations. Since then, David has moved to the consulting side of research and worked in the research departments at comScore, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Astral Media and most recently Rogers Communications.

Having worked on both the ‘supply-side’ and ‘client-side’, David has a unique perspective of what it takes to produce actionable insights from consumer feedback. In particular, David carries a wealth of experience in media and telecommunications.

His interests include: concept/innovation testing and optimization, advertising research, trade-off and consumer choice modelling.


Crystal Sarantoulias

Having recently completed a Master of Science in Marketing and Consumer Studies degree, Crystal brings to the table a strong understanding of consumer behaviour, research methods and what all this means in the world of marketing.

Crystal has applied experience in working with early stage companies and assisting them in various market and business analysis activities.

A passion for research and marketing strategy has led Crystal to the field of consumer research as she truly believes in the value of research in making effective and informed business decisions.

Areas of interest include: consumer choice modeling and concept/ innovation testing.


Beau Martin

Beau is a true expert in the field of modeling, including discrete choice, conjoint, MaxDiff and brand modeling. He has led a number of major projects, including the rebranding of AT&T as well as major branding and positioning projects for the New York Stock Exchange, Microsoft, Cisco, Intel and P&G, among others.

Beau has drawn an exceptional string of awards that includes SPSS’s Insight’s Award, the New York American Marketing Association’s Grand EFFIE and Global Strategy Project of the Year and Global Research Project of the Year awards.

He has also spoken and/or has currently outstanding offers to speak at Yale, the University of London (LBS), the University of Toronto (Rotman), and the University of California Los Angeles.